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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone I'm new here so sorry for signing up and going straight to the point. I've had oily coolant since I bought the car last year and it never bothered me. The radiator had a slow leak for 3 weeks but I just kept topping it up as I could see water dripping from the front. Drove today and saw steam coming from the bonnet, gauge was bang on in the middle as normal but I pulled over and saw water boiling out of the expansion tank. I now know 90% that its probably the headgasket that went. Is it worth fixing the engine or just buying another one to put in? Thought about doing it m
  2. Hi Everyone Had another thread to double check that my headgasket blew but after some testing, I'm now sure it has. Has anyone got any tutorials or photos on how to change them? I've searched high and low all day but can't find anything on google or here. It looks pretty straight forward but someone mentioned about the valves or cams that might need redoing, is this correct? Whilst I'm at it, I might as well change the cambelt so a how to for that would be nice too. Thanks guys
  3. At the seam of the head to the bottom of the engine there is a significant seeping of fluid. (Think it is oil but not sure if just darkened coolant) The engine over heats. And I am servicing the camel soon and waterpump checking ther most at and the fan for low speeds. And hoping it may help But I'm pretty sure enough damage is done. With doing a compression test, would it just tell me that there is a problem of would it show towards one way or another? If the head needs skimming will this affect the injectors as they are built in. Hoping for rich (edit from rick. Stupid auto correct), d bloc
  4. Hi all. I'm about to replace the head on my 52reg Lupo 1.0 8v. There's a cover protecting the exhaust manifold which has 2 bolts in the top, and are somehow attached further down, but that bolt is somewhat out of sight. Any idea as how to get that bolt out. Surely I do not need to remove the front to do just that ???
  5. Really need help / advice I have a lupo sport with the 1.4 16v AFK engine While on way to the vw event in Southsea traveling at 60mph the upper cam belt failed losing half of the teeth. I had the car recovered back home but now not 100% what's best to do. I have fitted a new upper cam belt to test if any damage and there's no compression to fire. I will test it with my compression tool propley tonight. If theres damage I'm guessing it's most likely to be the values and maybe piston. What I want to know is what's my best plan? Rip old engine out and put in a newer lupo sport engine AUB ? Try r
  6. I was wondering if any one has a nice double din head unit in their lupo that has a detachable front. Ive been looking around but I cant seem to find one that fits and has a detachable front. Can any one help?
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