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Found 7 results

  1. mpiloop

    Wheel swap

    I've got some t4 steelies in black, 15in with the centre caps, they are 5x112. Looking for some 15in 4x100 steels that are either already banded or good for banding I can also chuck some money you're way just post a reply on here and tell me what you got!
  2. Hi guys so I was just wondering what's the best way to go about fitting wheels that are 5x112 to a loop don't fancy getting any new ones as I made these ones up nicely for my taste. Could I convert the axle ends or will I need new axles I have access to a fabrications workshop so and work can be done that's needed. Any help would be great thank you!
  3. new to this so sorry if this has already been asked but , just lowered my lupo and wanting to get some banded steels , 13" or 14" be best fit? im not going crazy low as need to drive as a daily and loads of speed bumps in my area.
  4. Hi all so this is my new lupo not much to say before this I had a blue lupo and re-sold it, then I have a vw fox and re-sold that. My test is on the 9th of Jan so this will hopefully be ready by then. I think white is the best colour came with the red alloys (no idea what they are, anyone?) 40/60 springs (for sale if anyones interested) also an aftermarket head and subzero speakers. Just picked this up today from eastbourne was about a 1hr 45min drive from dartford enough with the talking here are some pics (only ones I could get before it got dark) Now for the plans.. Got a double-dinn Kenwood ddx-3021 ready to go in for door speakers I have my focal 165v2s with tweeters these are my wheels.. specs are 16x6.5 et37 so a nice bit of tuck will be getting a respray in the same colour. tyres are 165/45s so nice little bit of stretch the car currently has red interior which im not too fond of so if anyone would like to swap for grey or make an offer on my set..? now for the lows I am going to be getting budget front coilovers without helpers in & maybe notch the chassis ( Need front coilovers if anyone has forsale feel free to pm me ) for the rear I am going to be running custom springs and smaller dampers bodywork wise I am going to colour code the front and back bumpers all white and smooth the back one Got my priv plate ready to go on which reads as B14ST C Thats about all really will have alot of updates to come over the next few weeks any comments appreciated Cheers Sammy
  5. Just picked up some 14 inch g60 lookalike wheels, can anyone tell me what tyre size would be most suitable? Thanks
  6. Just picked up some 14 inch g60 lookalike wheels, can anyone tell me what tyre size would be most suitable? Thanks
  7. After a set of g60s, condition doesn't matter at all, so long as their straight with a set of decent tyres on 165/50 165/45 185/45 preferred Anyone got anything? Cheers, Max
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