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Found 10 results

  1. My silver Bora disappears over the hill to Leeds with my lad at the wheel, that means I've inherited his 1.0 litre Lupo :-) In the last 18 months, it's had a full service, new battery, new alternator, new exhaust and a new clutch. For a little motor, get the revs up around town and it can tater along. I had a 73 beetle some years ago and this Lupo makes me smile in the same way. Anyways, sat in the garage is an old Mini with some nice 165/55/R13 alloys that fit. Similar to the ones in the picture, which is owned by someone on the forum. Problem is, I need some arches to cover
  2. MarkyG


    Hello everyone, I've just bought myself my first VW, it's a fox! Auntie went blind so got it from her and it's only for 22,000 miles! Already got some heko wind reflectors ordered, trying to find some alloys but unsure of what size to get! Going to black off my rear and front badges, but not sure what else to do! Any one who has got parts or any help let me know it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, Mark.
  3. Hello to everyone on the site I'm new here and new to vw. Looking to get my 1st ever lupo after being in a friends little 1.0 I fell in love. Loving the site already
  4. Hello everyone! Thought I'd say hi. I bought a lovely Lupo yesterday after my old car failed it's MOT. I've only had it a day and I'm so pleased with it. Such a beautiful funny little car
  5. Hello guys. Thought id say hi as im probably going to be using this forum a bit. me and my mrs have just purchased a 2004 1.4 black lupo which is to be my girlfriends first car once she has passed her test. but for now it is going to be my run about whist my BMW E30 touring get a bigger heart and a re-spray. Any other users on here from the Bradford area? or any one know any goo lupo / VW breakers around yorkshire if i ever need parts. also tips on black paint correction would be great as this little lupo has a few scuffs about it. Thanks
  6. Bought black 1.4 sport lupo 2 weeks ago nice car with a few problems, hopefully fixable, Electric sunroof fills the car with water i have adjusted the closing position but it didnt help too much. Plus the clutch pedal / take up strange a lot of spare play at the top ( adjustment rather than pedal box hopefully ) - looking forward to club meets !
  7. Hi my names Kelly and I'm 20 from Warwick in Warwickshire. I got my first lupo in August this year, he's a black 2001 1l with 71651 miles on the clock Good car with a few scratches here and there. He has also been re-mapped.
  8. Hi All My name is Dave I am 30 and hail from the South Herts area, I have just bought my little 99 V reg Seat Arosa 1.0S from a Seat dealership today as my new daily hack and wow its the little big car that can I do like my cars and in my 12 years of driving I started of with a 82 Ford Fiesta - 1.1 3dr in beige and have had since then 81 Ford Escort estate 1.3 on a w reg (the old prefex style if anyone knows what that is lol) 86 Vauxhall Nova - 1.2 3dr in blue 85 Austin Montego - van 1.3 in navy blue 86 Vauxhall Nova - 1.2 3dr in white 94 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 5dr in white modified 92 Volkswagen
  9. Pip308

    hi there

    hi guys and girls looking to get my first lupo in the next few weeks and selling off my fleet of dubs to finance my caddy project looking to get a 1ltr as a run around will post pics of my current cars tomorrow if anyone is interested quick question as im here, i will be lowering and fitting a set of 7 and 8" banded 15" steels, think there will be problems? Phil
  10. Hi fellow lupo lovers, my name is Holly and i'm the new proud owner of a fantasia green loop in Dorset!! Bought it in june and thought i'd come on here and introduce myself as passed my driving test yesterday!! yaaaay. FREEDOM. My little green machine is in good condition for its age (1999) and roars away through the streets. Only thing i wonder about it though, that i thought you guys could ease my mind about is: - the gas pedel kinda flutters under my foot. i feel it sort of tapping against my shoe. - the clutch is sooooooooooooooo stiff, it takes some serious leg muscle action to push it do
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