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Found 2 results

  1. bennyx_o

    My GTi

    Possibly the longest wait from buying the car to posting a thread about it, but I figure it's about time I posted! Bought it from GTi T on here back in April 2011. Had been looking at this for a while and eventually I had the money available so I bought it. It has a couple of mods;AP CoiloversG60 BrakesBMC Air Filter with cold air feedScorpion Cat-Back exhaustRear De-wiperCompomotive MO 15x7 ET20 all roundCambridge Rear Lights Since then, I've not done much to it, except for maintenance. It needed a new drivers side trackrod end to pass it's first NCT. After that, I spent quite a bit of time enjoying it. I had noticed one day while checking the oil that the HT lead on the first cylinder seemed to be loose so pushed it back down, and checked it a couple of days later and it had come loose again. I had thought nothing of it until one day coming home from work and I hear a pop and the car starts running like a bag of nails. I pulled over and noticed the HT lead had come off and the spark plug was sitting on the engine. Turns out the spark plug had been over tightened and the thread had stripped, so it went down to my mechanic for the thread to be repaired, and also had the valve guides and stem seals replaced and timing belt & water pump also. Moved abroad again for 18 months and the car sat idle. When I moved back home I had to change the batter as the old one wasn't holding any charge. Because of this the airbag light came on, and the ABS light was on. I had lost interest and had no money, so I had the thought to sell the car so had it up for sale for a while with not a whole lot of interest (thankfully!). Instead, I found work here so set about getting the car back on the road. Took the car to a main dealer for an oil change, brake fluid change, pollen filter, aircon re-gassed and the identified a few other faults, so the car went to my mechanic again for a new ABS sensor and polybushed front end. After this, I bought a MK5 Golf GTi and have been using that as a daily since. Some more pictures Lupo hasn't been forgotten though, I do have plans for it, and today I got a delivery for it... Of course I opened them straight away.. And, being the impatient man I am, I had to test fit them The rear seems to poke a little too much, but that should be easily sorted (I hope!) The fronts are 7J ET27, and rears are 7.5J ET20. THey've been completed refurbed, new dishes & bolts also. I'm considering getting them powedercoated, had originally wanted gold, but now I'm thinking of an anthracite type colour. I'd nock something up in photoshop, but I wouldn't know where to start with it! Hopefully there'll be a few other things completed before Dubshed.
  2. Was wondering if anyone in Northern Ireland would like to meet up in November sometime? (Whenever suits everyone!) Would be really great to see some Arosa/Lupos over here, all in one place! Thinking somewhere in Belfast, maybe down near the docks or something, but if anyone has any ideas, let me know Cheers, Sarah
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