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Found 3 results

  1. Reluctant sale Genuine Lupo TDI handbook £20 ono £5 postage Used, some service parts filled in but car sadly long gone ? I'm based near Ely Cambridgeshire if you wish to collect. Thanks for looking
  2. Hey guys, just picked up a set of Direnza coilovers for my 02 Arosa. Had a good luck through the forums and couldn't really find a decent guide on how to fit them. I know the general idea of the fitting process, but i'd rather not cock anything up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  3. Having recently searched for a guide on changing the fuel filter on a 1.0MPI Lupo and not finding one I thought I would throw together this little guide based on one I found for a polo. Apologies if there is one out there and I've missed it Its not the hardest of tasks but sometimes its useful to have a few pictures and steps. - First step is to either jack the rear of the car up and support it on axle stands or roll the rear wheels onto a set of ramps / sturdy wood blocks. Though not 100% necessary even another couple of inches clearance will make this task a lot easier. - Unplug the fuel pump, This can either be done by removing the fuse in the fuse box, or unplugging it from under the rear seats. - Next run start the car up and run it until it stalls, removing as much fuel as possible from the fuel lines. - finally loosen the fuel filler cap to release excess pressure - Look under the back of the car just next to the read drivers side wheel (UK), you will see this little beast clipped into its bracket. - Give the screw a heavy coating of WD40 and go and make a brew whilst it soaks in - Unfortunately for me the screw head was well beyond functioning so I had to dremmel a new slot into it. (Remember to have a suitable fire extinguisher on hand when doing any cutting near fuel lines) - A good tip when dealing with dodgy / corroded screws is to use a rubber band in between the screw head and screw driver - http://lifehacker.com/5462520/remove-a-stripped-screw-with-a-rubber-band#c18998275 - Now the fuel filter is free you should be able to drop it down out of its bracket - Press in the small button on the fuel line clip and pull the fuel lines off the filter. Expect a bit of fuel remaining in the filter to flow out when undoing the lines. Not entirely sure what the white clips that came with the filter are, couldn't see a part like them in my fuel line fittings... possibly for a variant model or Seat. New screw and washer, ideally would have liked a hex head / allen head bolt but this will have to. - Finally ensuring the arrows on the filter are pointing in the correct direction (Forward in my case) push both of the fuel line clips back onto filter. you should feel a good click when correctly installed. - Pop the filter back into its bracket and tighten up the screw, I also applied a good coat of vaseline to the screw head to make it easier to replace in later years when I forget i'm not driving my diesel polo and fill it up with derv. - Plug the fuel pump back in, replace the cover, and tighten up the fuel filler cap, and give it a crank over, it should fire up after 2 or 3 attempts! Disclaimer: This guide is not an official guide, and though a fairly easy task if you are not sure about anything make sure you ask for help.
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