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Found 2 results

  1. First post here, hoping for advice on what alternator I need for a SEAT Arosa 1.0 (AER,6H) 1999/T (with PAS, no A/C). Perhaps stupidly I removed the old one which was fitted by the previous owner but turned out to be faulty. I returned it as I had the receipt to Eurocarparts for cash. Then later went to buy the replacement which doesn't fit. I have tried several from Eurocarparts now and none fit. Also none of the ones I have tried seem to align the bottom bolt hole with anything on the engine. I can't remember if I even took a bottom bolt off of the old one! Whoever I ask (even SEAT) cannot tel me what I need without the old one to hand and they are normally faced with a list of 12 or so to choose from with no details available. At the moment I have bought a used Bosch 028 903 025 G form a breaker. The top bolt seems to fit yet the bottom bolt hole on the alternator still does not align and it is a 70A not a 90A like the previous one (something I do remember). Any help appreciated to get me out of what should have been a simple job.
  2. Hello again all. Few random generic questions that may or may not need to go into separate threads. 52 GTi Raven Blue 104k (demonstrator ) 1. Knocks coming from the back. Fairly quiet constant knocking noises, no big bangs over big bumps like normal bush failure, but same noises I would normally put down to bushes. Are they well known for needing bushes? 2. Grinding noise that seems to be unrelated to anything else. Still can't work out what it is, coming from engine bay, over the course of about 3 or 4 seconds it's a high-pitched grinding noise that fades in and fades out. Can't make it do it with any of my own actions. Clutch may be nearing the end of its life, or maybe PAS pump (or are these electric racks?), spose that only leaves alternator or air-con compressor. Anyone had this? 3. The double-DIN OEM VAG stereo is about to have it. CDs skip but the radio has always been really poor for reception. So: 3.a. Has anyone had the roof aerial become high resistance or dodgy in other way, or had this reception problem? 3.b. Has anyone had any trouble fitting a standard aftermarket double-DIN e.g. Pioneer stereo in? 4. Door strap squeaking. I've heard this is a recall / warranty issue? Or should I just grease it? Thanks. That's very wordy, so here's a pic.
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