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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everybody. New here. Just brought my first car today. Lovely vw lupo 53 reg. The engine sounds good. The problem that I have, and I am really concerned about it because is the first car I have and I really want to start knowing all that I need about it. As they say if you take good care of your car, she will take good care of you. Jumping to the problem , the clutch is really heavy and sometimes in reverse it makes a wiring noise and it doesn't move at all. It doesnt happen all the time . I hope is not something serious . Maybe someone can give me some sugestions, as I am a complete newbie when it comes to cars. Kind regards , Constantin
  2. Just recently got my new car, a red lupo 1.0, I have things in mind to do to it, but I wondered if there were any things current lupo owners might suggest, want it to look nice but still functional
  3. Do I get a 1.0 lupo as a first car? I love them but are they the ideal first car?
  4. Hello everyone I passed my driving test at the beginning of December, after third time trying, it took me forever to decide on a first car until i was randomly browsing before bed and i seen this 04 plate beauty! 58,500 on the clock & full service history, i compare the price with other lupos around my area and it was a bargain at £1,995 and i've loved it ever since! Just need some inspiration and help on how to make this beauty even more prettier to look at and drive!
  5. HI, I recently got myself a second hand lupo and i'm in love with the car. Only problem being that when I pull the level to open the bonnet the lever just pops off and i have to put back on, is there something i need to be pulling on or something to press. Thanks, Dom
  6. Hi all, This is my first post on club lupo so I dont know if this is in the correct section or not. Anyway, I am currently looking at buying my first car. I have found a VW lupo 1.4 S Auto that I like but I am aware that they only have a cassette player in them. I really want to keep the shelf under the cassette player for CD's and various other things. I was wondering can you buy the VWZ4Z3 unit in the UK and can it be fitted to replace the stock cassette player? Also do the dimensions of the two players match? I really do not want to have a modern looking CD player so am only interested in what VW CD players I can fit to replace the original cassette player. Thanks for any and all replies in advance
  7. Hi all, As title says Im new to the scene. Just passed and I'm now looking to buy my first car. A Lupo has always been a car that strikes me as fun & easy to work with and generally reliable (with it being german).. hopefully I'm right there... I have about 1k to spend on a 1 litre model, could anyone tell me some things to look out for when buying and point me in some helpful directions. Thanks
  8. Hello guys and girls this is my first post on here so sorry in advance if its a bit crappy. i actually bought lucy in april this year but hadn't past my test until the end of august. it took me so long to post on here because i didn't think there was any point due to not having any modifications but loads of people are doing it so why no eh? May i introduce you to lucy the lupo http://www.flickr.com/photos/106892742@N02/sets/72157637047372176/ Bought her at 101000 miles with only a leaky shock which i got fixed the next week. she's only a 1.0l but she's got a heart of gold, doesn't put a foot wrong over the past few months i haven't really done much, just kept her as clean as time will allow as i am a full time student. at first i painted the badge surround neon pink (don't ask). it looked tacky from day one i don't know what i was thinking. a couple weeks ago i paint the surround gloss black as trying to rub it down to bare plastic was gonna be difficult with some of the angles. i removed the bump strips which took like two days because some of the glue was properly hard to get off. I think since I've bought her i think the biggest mod I've done is the cupholder/coin tray. bought it off ebay for about £20 with out a single mark on it. was well chuffed as i had been hunting for one since pretty much the day i bought it. yes i know the rear head rests are missing i removed them so i could actually see decent out my rear window. i couldn't seem to get into a position that would allow me to see behind me comfortably so they're sitting in a cupboard somewhere as i never have anyone in the back anyway. for sale or swap if anyones interested thought i doubt anyone will be as they are the infamous hoop version. message me if you are interested though, heck message me even if your not. could do with some people to familiarise myself with being my first post and all. If you've made it through all of that then my question is what cheap mods would people recommend that would make this car a little nicer without having to declare it to my insurance. Not looking to do anything big just little details. thank you for reading this and again sorry if the post was a little (or a lot) crappy. my grammar and punctuation are also not brilliant i am aware of this i have slight dyslexia so don't hate.
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