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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I'm wondering if someone can clarify if the following will fit my Lupo 05 plate 1.0E 4x100 13x7j ET 0 (front) - currently have 165/55/13 tyres 4x100 13x8j ET -20 (rear) - currently have 175/60/13 tyres I’m not wanting to made any modifications to the arches, I just want to bang these on ensure they don’t rub. I also plan on lowering my Lupo in the near future (only 30mm) so I don’t want this to balls everything up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. OK guys, upon deciding what wheels to go for and whether they would fit. I used a Tyre guide calculator and came up with a number of options. I also noticed people were asking about the same type of wheels and if they would fit. Below is a quick Photoshop of how a variety of wheels compare to each other and should give you a better understanding if they will fit or not. Simple to read, provided some annotation. Enjoy. Tyre sizes Original VW wheel 185/55/14 Banded Steel 175/50/13 Minilite 145/60/13 Weller 175/50/13 Wire 155/55/14 Porsche teledial 165/45/15 These m
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