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Found 6 results

  1. Alright folks. I'm new to the forum and have just bought a 03 reg lupo s 1.4 16v. It runs and drives fine and I know the guy I bought it off who has done a full service on it recently. When the car starts the dash is clear but on pulling away the oil light comes and and beeps. I have read it may be the fuel pressure swith or a blocked strainer in the sump. Is the strainer just a mesh in the sump which I will see if I take it off? Also I think its the eml on too, when on the code reader it says o2 sensor, cant remember the exact thing its showing. Is there a way to tell if its a dodgy pre or po
  2. Hello all, to anyone who can help, my Gti is currently fitted with a decat mid section and has failed the emissions test on the MOT. I have a few solutions but I need help: 1. Anyone got an exhaust I can borrow for a day? Willing to travel and pay! 2. Get a custom mid section with CAT In place. 3. Cut the decat pipe and weld a CAT in place. 4. Try and acquire the rare find that is a "full exhaust" system with all the bits on. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated, Cheers
  3. hi guys, i have a 1.0 2001 arosa s with the exhaust emissions warning light on. it has come on a few times, flashed a few times then gone solid. every time this happens i pull over, switch off the engine, wait for about 10 mins then start it up again and the light goes off. the day before last i was driving back from bristol to cardiff (not far) when the same thing happened. i pulled over and did the same as always but this time the light stayed on, and is still on. Recently when ive been starting the car, the revs rise to around 1400 as usual, then as the revs drop with the engine going into
  4. Sorry if this is already up never really posted anything on this site D: But My Arosa Missfires when in idle but doesnt when its running also the Emissions/ Check engine Light is also on but have no clue really what to do somone suggested a Purge valve but when i asked at College they said it shouldnt really have an effect on this please help as Mot has run out and D: i have got all new Spark plugs, HT leads, Ignition Coil. thanks
  5. So car went for Mot other day and i nearly cried.... looks like a costly job and the mechanic just said may aswell leave it but i love the car too much so anyone who can help with anything please do. Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive [7.3.D.5] Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4] Exhaust emissions hydrocarbon content after 2nd fast idle excessive [7.3.D.4] Exhaust emission lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits [7.3.D.4] Windscreen washer provides insufficient washer liquid [8.2.3] Nearside inner front
  6. Hi guys, Have checked through previous posts to check for faults so was after some advice on my emissions problem and another problem I noticed in the water tank? MOT on car was fine bar the emissions which were miles out! 0.76% instead of 0.30% 299 instead of 200 1.06 instead of 1.03 (don't have sheet with me so think that's it) Idle passed but all others failed at roughly above. Car has had a new exhaust including CAT fitted 3 months ago. Always starts hot or cold, no smoke. Now also this morning the water light came on so checked the levels and noticed a load of sludge in the water tank t
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