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Found 8 results

  1. Our TDi is way overdue a belt change, but with MOT time looming I thought I’d pick the brains of the Lupo collective about what’s involved. Do we need to insist on VW parts, and if not what are the best brands to choose? what else should we change if anything? and, do we need to use a specialist or can any competent mechanic do it?
  2. hi, so today i lost my alternator belt, i bought a new one and after a bit of fiddling got it all fitted (looked fine, in line etc). went to start it and the engine was just juddering and then slightly smokey? any ideas? my initial thought was tension but the tensioner is spring loaded so surely it cant over tighten itself?
  3. Anybody have any experience with tentioners and belts? When the cars ticking over there's a whining noise coming from somewhere in the engine bay and gets worse when you add revs! I thought it could be belt tensioner? Like **** bearings or something but wanted to be sure before ordering the part! If anyone has had any experience with something for like this and can help I'll be very grateful! Cheers ??
  4. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and in desperate need of some help. My seat arosa appears to have developed some kind of high pitched whine noise. Originally I thought this was either coming from the alternator or a loose belt, however I've had a local mechanic check it, who gave it a quick once over and said he couldn't find the root of the cause. The car only has 30k on the clock so he thinks it couldn't be anything major? His idea was that it was either coming from the wheel bearings or drive shaft, however he put the car up on the ramp, gave it a good look, span the wheels and couldn't find the issue. The noise appears when I reach around 30MPH and increases in pitch the faster I drive. I can drop the car out of gear whilst on a national and the noise will still appear, and only decreases as the car slows. The noise also stays at the same pitch whilst I change gears. Please please could someone give an opinion on what they think this annoying noise is?! Here's a recording of it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVowCScO8_c Thanks for your help! Car Spec: Seat Arosa (2000 W Reg) 30K on clock 1.0 MPI
  5. Hi I have a Vw lupo 1.4 16V Automatic with 88K on the clock Recent work includes: Brakes Full service I was driving along on the M1 around the 60-70mph mark when i heard/felt a small hiccup The car lost all power/drive and i was stranded on the hard shoulder. When the AA guy arrived, he advised the engine had no compression. I tried to start it a couple of times and figured this. AA took off the belts cover and the belts were fine. Then started taking out the spark plugs and found that spark plug number 2 had been squashed. Pretty stumped, parked the car up, not knowing how to progress this. Get a new engine, or do an engine rebuild My question is, how can the piston crash into the spark plug when the con rod is holding it? Is this a common issue? as anyone seen this before? Will my head be warped? seeing as how there was no belt jump, the head gasket seems fine ( correct levels in water tank) Would i be able to simply replace a few parts and get the car going again? Any help would be much appreciated Thank you
  6. ChrisDunne

    AUX belt

    Hi everyone, I recently had to change the alternator in my seat arosa mk2 1.0 after attaching the alternator I could not figure out how to get the aux belt back on as i cant seem to get the belt to stretch enough to put one of the wheels back on? can anybody help me with this? Thanks
  7. My power steering pump is having issues - loud noises when turning steering at all (especially with low revs, no gas), but more worryingly the belt drive wheel for the pump is visibly jumping every now and then even at idle. PAS fluid is all gone (could be the cause or a symptom of pump failure) so will be topping up first thing, but worried about risk of losing the aux belt altogether. So I just wondered what else it was driving - alternator presumably, what about water pump? How much damage is it likely to cause or is it just going to be an inevitable break down (flat battery or over heating)?
  8. my timing belt slipped last week and i've replaced my exhaust valves which were bent and skimmed the cylinder head and got the car back together with the belts on. however i dont want the timing to be out so i just kill 8 valves again :/. does anyone know what stroke cylinder 1 is on when timed with the markings on the casing and how does the engine know on start up so it doesnt destroy my hard work :/
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