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Found 4 results

  1. Germany 1.1 ABH 032 103 603 N ive found one that looks identical but says Germany 1.2 ABH does anyone know the difference between 1.1 and 1.2 !?!?
  2. Hi just about to put a 1.4s box onto my sport engine. Does anybody know if it has a massive affect with ratios? Need to know ASAP:)
  3. First of all hello to everyone, I am new to this and will probably annoy most of you as I am sure this has been covered before. I I am in the middle of an engine swap, I have a 1.4s (75hp) and am looking to swap for what I believe to be a (100hp) 1.4 sport engine, this is out of my friends car and was a second engine to him so don't know much about it... Went to fit it yesterday to get it all hooked up (on my origional ecu) didn't fire no spark, then went to switch his ecu to find out it is totally different, so would I be able to just switch out the engine loom of his car (100hp engine) if so how do I go about doing this? Where does the loom go to? Thanks in advance Kyle
  4. G'day, just got me a 1.4s, reasonably standard...won't stay that way haha Here she is after her 1st sticker & a set of pseudo-BBS borrowed from a mate's SORN'd MkII Golf... Wheels cleaned, tyres blacked, barely visible VW logo dust caps... Got me own wheels now but they're pretty battered so they'll need a bit of work before they go on bargain though, good old ebay She's had a heavy rear end shunt (Cat C) at some point & the bumper was replaced with a lupo sport jobby for some reason (probably nearest/cheapest to hand) but spotted a bargain black arosa bumper again on good old ebay which is on the way so that'll be the next thing to go on I reckons. Lowering would be another 380 quid on the insurance & this is gonna be me julie's car when she passes her test so I think we'll have to leave that. Sticking to cosmetic mods seems sensible given the fact it's been written off an all. My grand plan pre-purchase was to get a Mini when she has this (I mean a Mini, not a BMW half series) but man do I love this go kart...so new plan, get a Sport when she passes her test & that one I'll really play with mwahaha. First job will be to swap the gearboxes over hehe [edit] now upgraded to Lupo Sport - sooner than planned! - March 2012
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