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  1. £9.00 posted?? If you want them, just send payment through PayPal as a 'gift' to sexi_danny@hotmail.com and let me know your address and I can bang them in the post tomorrow for you pal
  2. Up for offers on this stuff guys or its going either on ebay or in the bin!
  3. Hi tan sorry they are sold Bump on everything except wheels seats and coil pack.
  4. £9.00 posted?? If you want them, just send payment through PayPal as a 'gift' to sexi_danny@hotmail.com and let me know your address and I can bang them in the post Monday.
  5. haha sorry i couldnt do swaps. good luck with ya sale mate
  6. wheels are sold pending collection. sorry fellas
  7. Haha bit too far away tho
  8. Bump open to offers on this stuff, just need them shifted and need to make some cash to finish my tattoo sleeve!
  9. Hi, no sorry need to sell them as a full set. D
  10. cheers anyway mate but i have no use for alloys any more unless they will fit a vauxhall combo lol cheers any way.
  11. A set of C-spanners... - £6 posted 2x headrests - £15 posted A set of rattlecans unopened bought from TPS in Moon Silver (1x paint, 1x clear) - £10 posted A set of new breakpads that say on the box 'lupo F-pads' so assuming for the front. got them off a mate but never used them - £20 posted (mainly because of the weight) Injector (was no3) this is used but after changing it to brand new on my old GTI the problem still persisted and turned out to be a dodgey lead! and the new lead i bought was also dodgy!! so this should be 100% fine. but I only want £12 posted. Payment either cash on collection or paypal please. If you would like to collect then i live in Leeds just off the M1. (sorry the pics r rubbish!) Danny
  12. Done. Postage would prob be about a tenner anyway so £20 for me to not do anything is a win win lol. Drop me a text on 07989673255. Danny
  13. I don't mind meeting depending on where it would be? Would have to be evening though if thats ok as I'm self employed and stacked out with work :/ Danny
  14. Since ive sold my GTI i keep finding stuff lying around soo this was the DVD player i had in the loop. All the information for this DVD player should be widly available online so ill keep the listing to a mimimum. I paid just over £400 for this about 2years ago and it still looks perfect. not a scratch on the screen (as i had a screen cover on) and everything that came in the box is in the box! When i had it fitted, they removed the wire thats ment to be connected to the handbreak so that the image will not show up unless the handbreak is on and wired i think the blue (remote looking wire) to the loom on the back so the picture stays on even during movement, so a bonus for the passenger! ill let the images do the talking. Any questions just ask!! Price - £260 and ill post it to you Or collection in leeds just off the M1
  15. Bump for an amazing car! Looks the dogs at shows. Pics don't do it justice!! GLWS
  16. bump - insurance runs out on thursday so will take £3200 with both sets of wheels and both sets of seats. If you want a test drive I sugest you do it before thursday as there will be no valid insurance and I will be not letting it out of my drive to run the risk of being caught so will be sold as seen.
  17. Lots of emails but cars still here! Need it gone as my insurance runs out soon and ain't gonna put any more on. I still have the front set of GTI seats that I will chuck in too so you have both sets but these come without belt buckles so buyer would have to fit the seats. Now £3700 including the other seats Will sell at £3400 (no haggling) without the alloys and standard GTI bathursts on, but they need a refurb and 2 tyres are very nearly illegal.... 07989673255
  18. Pics up ^^^ Aso price drop to £3900
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