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  1. Hi Guys, I've been slowly chipping away at personalising my Black 07 Fox 1.4, first rear speakers, then TT pedals. I have just received a VW germany Chrome tip for the exhaust (from these guys http://www.autoschultz-shop.de/shop/start.php?main.php ). I'm in a quandry over how to fit it! I know that I have to cut the exhaust pipe shorter to fit this, but how short to take the original exhaust? Has anyone else done this? Thanks! Ben
  2. Hi Guys, Following the instructions on this forum, I managed to add rear speakers to my Fox today! A few notes for those undertaking this themselves: 1. 17cm Pioneer speakers seem to fit fine, and there is a 'lookup' utility on the pioneer website. 2. Taking out the rear panelling is easiest with the bech seat slid all the way forward, and the backs down with boot open. 3. The wiring for the speakers from the head unit to the speaker 'bay' are already in place, and you just need to wire your speakers to these. (4. But they use a funny connector which I ignored and stripped away) 5. Took me (an
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