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  1. Hi Guys, Just removed the intake restrictors from my SDI so I thought I would post up a how to. Tools needed: Socket Set incl 10mm socket Extension Bar 6mm Allen key Mole Grips Fist of all remove the engine cover. Then remove the wiring loom that clips over the edge of the intake box (The blue lines) Then remove the Intake Box by undoing the five bolts, 10mm socket on extension, (Circled in red) holding it to the manifold and undo the oil breather pipe (Also in red). Also remove the Air Intake Pipe from the box. You’ll then have to slide the Intake box backward so you can get to the bolts holding the restrictors in place. The bolts take a 6mm Allen key and need quite a bit of force to get them to move so I used mole grips to get a bit more leverage. I worked from left to right as when you remove the first restrictor you can move the intake box out of the way. When you have removed the restrictor you will have to remove a large washer from the restrictor and re-use it when you put the bolts back. And then replace everything the way you took it off. And there you have it a free-er revving engine. Cheers, Ben
  2. BBLupo

    FK Lowering Springs

    Kool, thanks. I'll get those ordered in the next week or so then!!! Just had a look on Euro Car Parts and shocks are £35 each so i'll just wait till my current ones die before buying some new ones. Thanks, Ben
  3. Hey guys, I'm going to buy a set of springs in the next couple of weeks to get ride of my 4x4 ride height!! Would these be ok without having to change my shocks? Cheers, Ben
  4. BBLupo


    Hi, I've just bought myself a Lupo 1.7 SDI (Slow as hell but brilliant fuel economy) for £750 (off of a family member!!) and am just checking out the scene as this is my first VW. Hope I can get some good advice when the time comes!! Cheers, Ben P.S. How do i remove the air filter, it looks like i have to take the lower bumper off to do it (that can't be right!!!)
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