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  1. Hi, my 1.4 is not too quick, or fast it has the usual induction kit and full strait through exhaust sytsem! just woundering what sort of performance i should be expecting from it as i have not compared it to another lupo?
  2. Hi does anyone know if you can buy a wolfburg badge for front grill? and where to buy one?. If you know any other badges which would maybe look better for a red lupo please say! thanks
  3. charlie1.4s


    Hi i have some smidt revalution 14s a couple were damages but hopefully being repaired! i am wanting to sell them if you may be intrested. I know you will be able too soon order scmidt wheels from a company called "demon tweeks" outside wrexham! otherwise rimstyle uk i think!
  4. will get a photo, they are being fixed at the moment!! so hopefuly they should be in a nice condition if the main damaged wheel is repairable, i think their like split rims with two parts so may be possible!
  5. sorry guys or geeks! couldnt get the for sale part to work!! but thanks for the replies!
  6. scmidt alloys for sale 14'' unfortunatly 1 very damaged. another very reparable and 2 in great condition! wheels with tyres!! set cost £1800+ i want to sell quick so if intrested woud love to hear! thanks
  7. Hi i have a set of schmidt revalution 14'' for the euro style lupo. Unfortunatly 2 alloys arnt in the best condition 1 is very repairable with only grazing to the outer part of the rim susceptible to the curb! and 1 is i personaly think good for the bin from a bump! the other 2 are in great condition. They all have the wide tyres and would be a excellent buy as the wheels go for around £1800 +! Thanks charlie
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