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  1. LOL - Yes that's right biggaz it's the cost of the lights themselves I was trying to avoid. I've no idea what they cost from Seat but I've seen them on E Bay for about £63 a pair including postage. So £18 seemed to be a reasonable saving to me. As OLW pointed out - the grilles are peanuts so might as well go to your Seat stealer for those.
  2. Ive been trying to get a set of "factory look" foglights but wasn't keen on spending a fortune. Have a look at the photos and see what you think of my "budget" alternative. What you see cost me less than £27 in total and I think it looks pretty reasonable. Here's how it's done - First you'll need a set of front grilles with the circular foglight cutouts. I suppose to make it even cheaper you could cut holes in the originals but they are so cheap it didn't seem worth the hassle. The part numbers for the two covers are 6H0853665BB41 and 6H0853666BB41 I paid £3.81 + VAT each from the local Seat agent. Then have a look on E Bay and seek out a seller called bargains4mates he sells a selection of different lights in various sizes. I bought small round spolights with 6cm lenses http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...N:IT&ih=007 The lights took about ten days to arrive (from Bulgaria !!) and cost me £17.98 including postage. The kit comes with a relay and a bit of wiring harness. The quality is pretty good although they are lightweight - I gave exterior of mine a good coat of Waxoyl just as a precaution. The brackets just screw into the plastic behind the grille and needed hardly any adjustment at all. Obviously you have to make sure they line up with the hole in the outer grille but the fitting took me less than an an hour which included the wiring. The seller has exactly the same light in a fog version and also with a blue lens if that's better for you - probably a good idea to e mail him if you can't see them on line. I picked spotlights and wired them into the main beam circuit using the relay supplied. I'm very happy with the result - the lights give out a decent beam and although they don't pick out a rabbit scratching it's arse a mile away - they do the job.
  3. The headlights on my Mark 2 also have the "steamy windows" look which really spoils the appearance of the car. I wonder if anyone has had any success getting them dried out without actually removing the whole unit. I had a go with a hairdryer and all the condensation vanished very quickly - of course it just came back again (I really should have paid more attention in science class). I'm thinking about tying a bit of string around a sachet of silica gel and bunging it through the bulb aperture to see if that will absorb the moisture - I'll report back on the results. Also one of the things that is bugging me at the moment is the performance of the remote central locking. A friend has a Peugeot and you can stand about fifty metres away from it and press the button and it'll open - with the Arosa you have to be really close before it'll work. I've replaced the battery in the key and it made no difference. I'm wondering where the receiver is on the car that picks up the signal and whether it can be moved to perhaps work better. Any ideas welcomed.
  4. This morning I had a bit of brainstorm on how to squeeze a few extra mpg out of my car - using not a spanner but a calculator. I noticed that the previous owner had fitted 185/60 x 14 tyres on the original alloys instead of the recommended 185/55 x 14 which come as standard. The 60's would be probably be easier to get and cheaper but because they have a higher sidewall they also have a greater rolling radius. The upshot is that with these tyres fitted my speedo is under-reading by 2 mph at 60 mph. The end result is that the miles showing on the speedo are 3.3% out. Ok it's not much but on a typical 250 mile tankfull it would mean an extra 8 miles that the car had covered but hadn't recorded. For me that equated to nearly an extra 2 mpg which now brings me to 39 mpg (yipee !!) Does this make any sense or have I just got too much spare time (and a calculator) ?
  5. After cleaning out the pipe to the EGR valve and fixing a small leak in the exhaust the MPG has now "shot" up from 34 to 37.5 mpg. I'm chuffed but at this rate it's going to be difficult to get up to the 44 mpg that I was getting from the 14 year old Polo that the Arosa replaced. That's progress for you I suppose
  6. This is really interesting. 403 miles on a tankful is the stuff of dreams for me - I'm getting about 230 from a full tank until the light comes on. Reading the other comments I'm beginning to think that my figure of 34 mpg isn't really that far away from what some other forum members are getting so maybe there's not that much wrong with the car and I just need to adapt my driving style. I've had the throttle valve off again today and cleaned it, also took off the metal pipe that goes from the inlet manifold to the EGR valve and cleaned it out (it was full of the same gunge that was originally in the throttle valve). I also fixed a leaking joint on the exhaust which I discovered while checking underneath the vehicle. I'll now try another mpg test to see if that's made any difference. On another point - My nephew has just bought a 2002 Seat Leon and I notice that the instruments light up during the day to make them more visible. I thought this would be a good thing for the Arosa because the hooded clocks are difficult to see sometimes. My nephew said he thought all Seats did the same which made me wonder if it was just mine that wasn't working - can anyone "shed any light" on this
  7. I've found the diesel thread very interesting but I'm always wondering what MPG other petrol owners get (especially 1.0 owners). It stems from problems I'm having with my 1.0S. I've had it about three months and every since I got it the MPG has been crap. I've done a full service on the car and replaced filters, plugs, oil etc etc. I've had the throttle body off and cleaned it all - it was pretty badly gunged up. The car now runs perfectly - no splutters, misses or hiccups. BUT the fuel consumption is (I think) pretty poor at 34mpg. I've tried different driving styles (slow, fast, medium) but with no change in the figures. I read bits on the internet about the throttle having to be rematched to the ECU after it's been removed or cleaned but I don't know how vital that is. With the ignition switched on the flap in the throttle body seems to react exactly to the throttle being pressed but I have no way of knowing what happens when the engine is running or it's under load. A check at the MOT showed that the Lambda probe was working properly and the mixture was spot on. Looking at the plugs suggests to me that it's running a bit rich but this must only be when the engine is under load. Any ideas would be gratefully recieved as well as your petrol MPG figures (just to make me feel even worse)
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