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  1. I had to have three months off after New years for shielding, spent so quality time with the car though
  2. I have two stickers on the back one says fulled by recycled dinosaurs and the other is a purple ribbon, tbh amazon is paying for my car 🤣
  3. Im closer to Darlington, I work in darlos Amazon 🤣
  4. Nah not that far North 🤣 and its parked outside my garage
  5. Im somewhat lucky my gearbox and clutch have just been replaces, i already have wind ups so no problems there. Is it bad i actually haven't looked at my miles in a while (oops)
  6. Hi, I've only have my lupo a year and its my first car. So far its abit of love hate relationship needed new bits but otherwise love it. Thought if I'd have any trouble with it then this will probably be the best place to ask. Hope im welcome.
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