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  1. Pie eater 3000


    Just put in a big order with TPS only thing they couldn’t get was the cam cover gasket as it’s NLA. collecting everything else tomorrow
  2. Pie eater 3000


    Have to wait till 12th of April. In all seriousness I can go to a Merc dealership and get new parts for my 13 year old GL320 no problem. I tried a VW dealership and they don’t want know
  3. Pie eater 3000


    Any recommendations for a source of new parts for the Lupo GTI ? Oh yeah Y356 GHU is now J3 UPO
  4. Pie eater 3000


    Bit late to the party, but my son bought Y356GHU yesterday. I googled the reg and this thread came up
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