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  1. That ones the same! 😂
  2. So I popped the door cards off today, and discovered why the windows weren't working... Someone has wedged a length of 2x1 in the door to hold the window up! 😂 Whilst I was tempted to knock the wood out, I resisted as I had a vision of the glass dropping and having a drafty drive for a few days! So, any suggestions as to what would make the glass drop? I'm assuming it's something to do with the mechanism, but without knowing what it should look like I'm kinda stuck!
  3. Hi folks! I've recently purchased a '99 1.4 lupo, and I'm loving it, although there's a few issues with it, and I could do with some advice. The electric windows don't work at all, neither does the central locking. A friend suggested this could be a module fault, but couldn't shed anymore light on it! The drivers side window appears to be completely dead, but the passenger side does appear to click (relay?) and the lights dim when I try the switch, so assume there's something stuck rather than a total failure? Any ideas?
  4. Hey folks, just a quick hello from a new owner, picked up a '99 1.4 a couple of weeks ago as a bit of a rolling project. Loving driving it so far, even though there's a few things that seem to have a mind of their own!
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