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  1. @mk2it sounds great got a real rasp to it I love straight piped diesels and I love side pipes!
  2. @C3peteoruns well not had any issues since I fitted them, a lot more power however I did service the gearbox as I’ve been told they often get neglected and with all the extra torque I didn’t want to risk stripping any gears
  3. So I’ve fitted bigger injectors to my sdi and straight piped it, personally I think it looks and sounds epic but that’s my opinion. Just thought I might post in case it gives some inspiration for you folks! IMG_3154.MP4
  4. @mk2I do insist on 1.9 injectors mate 😁 I’d be happy to swap with you but only issue is I need my car for daily use I will be swapping them on a day off🙂here’s my old lass
  5. Hi everyone I’m having trouble sourcing some 1.9 injectors for my sdi and was wondering if any of you had a set for sale or had a link to some which will fit thanks in advance
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