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  1. I've got a p0501 error code which comes back as vechile speed sensor range/performance. I've cleared the code and it returned instantly. I'm a little baffled as the car seems to be running perfectly still and I've had no clock faults etc. Anyone had anything similar?
  2. I wasn't really expecting to lose any, the company I've sent my ecu off to to disable the immobilizer has advised I will need to join 2 wires or lose comms via OBD. I'm presuming this is fault codes etc.
  3. That's the plan mate. I'm fairly confident it'll start without removing the immo box it's just I'd rather be able to communicate with the engine for fault codes etc. Im also hearing that comms supply my coolant temp, speed and revs but I'm not too sure how much truth there is to this, don't suppose you do?
  4. Hi all, I've got a 1.4s that started life with a BBY engine. I bought the car with an AUB lump and all supporting parts to convert to 100hp. Unfortunately though I never got the immobilizer box for the AUB lump, I've sent the AUB ECU off to have the immobilizer removed. I have been advised that the car should start when the AUB ECU is returned to myself, but I may need to remove the BBY Immo box from my car and join 2 wires together to get Comms? Is anybody able to point me in the right direction as to which wires this will be. If anyone could PM me a reply that'd be great.
  5. Yeah after getting under the car today and using a mechanics stethoscope, it would appear to be the secondary cat located underneath the car. Think I'm going to down the route of chopping it and keeping my manifold cat.
  6. First post here. I've got a Lupo which started life with a 1.4 16v AHW 75hp Engine. This engine started to get bottom end knock around 130k so was promptly swapped with a 1.4 16v AUB 100hp engine from a sport on 80k with all supporting gear (Inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, throttle body ECU) However, I forgot to get the immobilizer box so the car will not fire on the AUB ECU, but will fire straight up on the AHW ECU. This isn't ideal though because Im not getting my full RPM potential as the limiter is programmed to come in at 5800rpm. However I'm getting 2 codes from the new engine which I didn't get on the old one: -P0402 exhaust gas recirculation flow excessive detected -P0106 manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure circuit range/ performance Could this be directly related to the fact I'm stil using the AHW ECU as opposed to the AUB ECU? Or should I start looking at my EGR valve, Map sensors etc? The only reason I believe it could be the ECU throwing the codes is because the AUB has a aluminium Inlet manifold as opposed to plastic and a less restrictive manifold which would provide more flow which doesn't match the AHW ECU parameters hence the fault codes. However I could be completely wrong and any help/pointers would be highly appreciated by somebody with more knowledge than me haha I will be swapping the ECUs over when I'm able to get it reprogramed to my car.
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