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  1. Thanks for getting back to me! Ill mention it to the mechanic tomorrow. Shame I cant remember which cylinder it came from.
  2. Hey again guys/gals So I don't really know much about cars so don't want to tamper with it too much. The first things and only thing have done is replace all spark plugs, which hasn't fixed the problem. The leads on top of them looked fine. But the long bit that plugs back on top of the plugs (if that makes sense) 2 of the rubber washes are split and loose. I also noticed there was bit of oil on the plug bit that screws in but the plugs themselves look fine. (I will attach a photo) On closer inspection of the engine and underneath I feel like somethings are amiss, I
  3. Hey Guys and Gals, Long time lurker here, 1st time posting so bare with me please. I have a 52 plate Lupo, its only got 30k on the clock. I got it from one previous owner who had it since new. Full service history in the log book. Ive had the car for about 3 years now but it was hardly driven, just sat on my drive for 2 years as I wasn't at home during this time. After 1st lockdown finally managed to get it MOTd and Service. That come back fine mechanic has said no problems with it. Ive been driving it everyday since July long journeys (2hours) a
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