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    2003 Lupo 3L 1.2 tdi
  1. Thanks for your comments. This might take some time, but let me get the bits sorted that I can, ie clutch sleeve first. I can get this done locally, replace the brake switch myself, then revert back to you, when I try to re-do the basic settings. At that point, if the 01604 error is still there, then I will get the car over to Womautomotive. I am determined that it won't defeat me!
  2. mk2, RAB Thanks both for your comments. I did not pay for any labour on the clutch (but I provided the 3 piece clutch kit). I am positive they would not have replaced the guide sleeve. I thought I would mention the length of time the voltage took to drop. It seemed strange to me. Do either of you know of any vdub specialist who works on 3Ls? Otherwise, I think I will be heading towards an Ebay listing! Thanks
  3. Hi, thanks for the info. I am trying to do a basic settings. I have a new battery connected to a battery charger. Clutch Travel Sender Adaptation: I can perform this, the voltage for the G162 is 3.81v, which falls gradually (over 90 seconds to 1.89v) when I disconnect the electrical socket from the hydraulic unit. When I reconnect the socket, the clutch cable becomes taught (ie there is movement). I am then left with 3 fault codes (see attached file). I can delete those codes, but immediately the one returns (the 01604). Gear Actuator Adaptation: The first field does not move
  4. mk2, thanks for your reply. The car was fine before the clutch was done, all of the gears were there. Tomorrow, I will check all of the connections. I will report back with my findings.
  5. Have added the VCDS report. Log-WVWZZZ6EZ3W002717-174520km-108441mi.txt
  6. Hi, first time on this forum. I have a 2003 Lupo 3L 1.2 Tdi where the clutch was slipping. The local clutch shop has replaced the clutch, but were unable to get the car to move. I have transported the car back to my drive, where it has sat for many months untouched. I am now trying to resolve the problem myself. The car would not start in S (last Friday), but would start in N, but with no response from the accelerator, it would just idle. Now, I can't even get the car to start in N as the green brake light does not appear on the dashboard. I have VCDS, but I am a novice at using it. C
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