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  1. Another small update, I had some free time today so I did a fuel pressure test and took the injectors out to have a look. Fuel pressure was at 35psi and when the vacuum line was taken off the regulator it went up to 45 like expected. Fuel injectors are looking a bit sooty with dried oil in the injector wells and on the injector tips. Does this look especially concerning? I haven't owned or ran the car enough to tell if it's burning oil but the injectors definitely look a bit sorry for themselves. I'm happy to have a play about with the car cos I have my astra, this car was for
  2. I've got a cheap vcds scanner from eBay, any idea how to check the temp sensor is working? I haven't had any codes for it
  3. New NGK coil pack arrived today, put it on with new NGK BKUR6ET-10 plugs, it starts up smoother but once warm still feels a bit lumpy on idle. Any ideas on what to do next? How big of a job is removing the head on the ALD engine, doesn't look like it would be too bad considering how small the engine is. If the head needs to come off I'll check the valves and rings but for now I'd rather keep it on. I can upload a video of it running if that would help anyone
  4. So the compression tester arrived today, just did the readings and I've got to say I'm very relieved: 4 200 psi 3 185 psi 2 195 psi 1 200 psi 3 does seem a bit lower than the others but correct me if I'm wrong it's within tolerance. Also checked the plugs that were in there, all looked fine no soot no white crystals, only thing is they were Bosch plugs and I've read on here NGK is the way to go so luckily I ordered some NGK ones on eBay yesterday. When the plugs, leads and fuel filter arrive I'll give an update but it looks promising! 😃
  5. Thanks for the reply, I've attached the codes from my obd reader, I'll do a compression test when the kit arrives and report back. Any neat ways to check the ignition on cylinder 4? I was thinking of swapping some of the HT leads around and seeing what happens?
  6. Hi all! First post on the forum, after some help and advice. Bought a lupo 1.0 MPI as a cheap runaround for the next year of university, parking space in my apartment block is tiny so lupo it is! On the drive home it started hesitating and losing power on the motorway section, which luckily wasn't too long so I made it home fine but it's definitely misfiring and my scan tool confirmed it's cylinder 4 along with lean fuel trim. I've done some reading on the forums, seems spark plugs, leads and coil packs are a must and they looked quite old so I've bought new ones which are in the pos
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