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  1. Dogrash


    LR5V. This was the mk3 I built about 6-7 years ago
  2. Dogrash


    LR5V,yes mate I'm gonna use an AGU as it's easier with it being cable throttle and not fly by wire. Last time I spoke to Brad he was up to 2.1 cc and some mad stuff Inc LSD box. He said he'd have about 12k in the engine alone..
  3. Dogrash


    MK2 there's been a few done before so hopefully if there's any iffy bits I'll be able to get some pointers. I was lucky with the MK3 build as I got some great help from a guy who had done loads before. If you get chance,look on YouTube and F17BAD Brad Kells. It's an epic build 🙌
  4. Dogrash


    Is there any links to someone who has done it before? Who can give advice 😉
  5. Dogrash


    Hi everyone, I've just got my hands on an 02 arosa. Gonna have a go at chucking a 20 v turbo in it. I did it to a MK3 golf a few years ago....
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