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  1. Hi everyone , i have an old Samsung Galaxy S1 , and there is a flash drive with photos of my old lupo . Yesterday I've tried to paste the photos on my computer, but I couldn't do it, and accidentally formated the flash drive . Is there any possible way to get them back ?
  2. Welcome! took almost 3 months to find one 1.4 tdi at a good priece and with minor bugs. For beginning it looked expensive but soon I realized how efficient is the car and how quick I solve the problems that appear.
  3. i can't find any videos or threads about it . It seems like no one did it yet (
  4. my brother replaced his by your instructions ! thank you ! we 've found a cheap online shop with elivery in UK https://www.greasemonkeydirect.com useful car supplies
  5. hi guys ! i would like to change my standard seats , with leather seats from passat cc , does anybody know if i am able to do that ? does it fit in my polo hatchback? https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/7cQAAOSwcrJeMWGK/s-l1600.jpg
  6. was just kidding man ))) of curse everyone has his own preferences = )
  7. where did you take these pictures? i like this background this galaxy-blue is wonderful
  8. I like how you took a photo of your car like professional My lupo is black matte color and looks better than your car color
  9. so what was the problem ? why there was this issue ?
  10. I think you should find a second hand hose. Or to fix the existing where the leakage is.
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