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  1. Gti's are alot cheaper over there. The start at around 3.5k and can go as high as 6k over here. Id hate to break the gti over a few parts, they just look alot more finished and thought out than the standard. I found them parts on ebay they where already sold, would have suited me perfect. Thanks for keeping an eye out
  2. Thanks for all the info and help. The car was damaged enroute from japan and is driving fine, no chassis or radiator damage. Hes looking 1500 for it as is. But once you repair it for probably 1000 clear it around 700 and other odds and ends its getting dear. I know all the panels are differant between standard and gti but how wrong would a standard front end look on the gti where the wings meet the doors and side skirt or would that work at all?
  3. Milage is only 130000km its a jap import. It wouldnt be hard to repair just finding the right parts and then trying to clear it would be expensive part. Havent bought it yet was thinking of swaping all the bits on to the 1.0 and having a bit of fun without the tax and insurance nightmare of the gti
  4. Hi all. First post, hope its in the right place. Looking for a bit of help. Im driving a 1.0 lupo and a crashed gti recently came up for sale My first idea was to fix the gti but lack of parts in ireland and lack of money for expensive parts such as wings, bumper, bonnet and headlight would make it cheaper to just buy a driving gti But if it was used as a doner would there be much to go wrong swaping the running gear into the 1.0 lupo. Im guessing the mechanical bits will bolt straight on engine, gearbox, suspension, subframe in one go. Just wondering about things like radiator in the front panel and gti wiring loom going to standard lights Any advice would be a great help thanks
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