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  1. Thank you everyone for all your comments and suggestions. We will give them all a go! She does seem to reach temperature, normal journey is roughly 30/40 mins and top speed reached is 40mph 😂 She needs a few body work bits done too, but shes a work in progress. She was left sat for 3 years in my front garden as a garage told me she was knackered and would cost me a fortune to fix, even though I wanted to, they didn't seem to think it was a good idea! We checked the oil and it was all clear from any custard/cottage cheese substances. I am her second owner, can't believe I have owned her 16 years! I don't feel old enough!!
  2. Hi everyone! I have a 2002 6 speed Lupo GTi. I've owned her since 2004. She has an oil leak somewhere, not showing on the floor but she burns a lot of oil with white smoke from her exhaust. She needs new hoses, does anyone know the best place to get silicone hoses for her? ASAP she needs crankcase breather hose. The check engine light is on which comes up on the OBD reader as fuel/oxygen ratio. I've taken her to a couple of garages over here who don't seem interested in helping me fix her, so myself and my partner are taking on the job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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