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  1. Cheers guys could the arb be the wrong way round? Would it make a difference
  2. Hi all I've just changed the drop link to poly bushes on my 52 lupo but the link seems to be slipping on the arb of some kind!? everything is tight up also when cornering to the right it throws me more to the right if you get me any solutions to this would be appreciated
  3. Hi could you tell me what size manifold nuts are for 1.0 lupo please
  4. Yeah thanks for that buddy I've just tested one of the 8j rims on the front straight on fit it's quite flush with the top of the arch maybe needs rolling out 10-15mm of overhang at the top which will need rolling out. From arch to the top of the tyre there is 130 mm gap as I havent bought coilovers as yet. Would there be any issues with dropping it that low would you think? the bottom left bumper side it kicks out about 2"roughly same on the skirt side what could I do or get to get the clearance please. Many thanks
  5. The rims would be sitting out as would be touching suspension
  6. Hi there peeps I've just bought some 14"dish rims they are 8j on the front and 9j on rear tyres 215/40/14 the positive measurement is 135mm on the 8j I was wondering what size spacers would I need please help would be appreciated as I haven't a pot of glue? thank you
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