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  1. All sorted. In case any one reads this in the future looking for the same advice. The dog bone engine mount is at the rear of the engine close to the ground. There is no need to remove the battery.
  2. Thanks Rich, I presume thats under/on the battery side of the engine bay? I'll take a closer look later.
  3. Hi guys, I need to replace both rear bushes in the front lower control arms. Ive been fighting against all the rust and corrosion under there and managed to get all of the bolts loose but I am struggling to get the near side front bolt out due to the gearbox being in the way. The car is a 1.4 auto so this may account for the slightly larger gearbox compared to manual models. Is there a trick to get this removed easily? I have tried jacking the engine up slightly but there is still not quite enough clearance.
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