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  1. Lee Chaplin


    Thanks for that I managed to get one changed it still the same think it might be a head gasket grrrr. Have you ever changed a head gasket on a 1.4 if so easy or tricky
  2. Lee Chaplin


    Thanks for the pic but this is totally the wrong one. The one I have is at a totally different angle and has a different thermostat think I got it sorted now thanks
  3. Lee Chaplin


    Hello really struggling with a thermostat looked online they are asking do I have a 5z with a number after it I gave a VW fox 2006 1.4 any ideas
  4. Hello guys I am having difficult uploading pics it says pic size is to large
  5. Cannot upload pics it says file is to large
  6. I found the overheating problem thermostat was in bits I ordered another one and the housing strange thing the car shop said it was discontinued but they are getting me one from Gates. The housing was strange the thermostat pin extrudes through the back of the housing it is defo correct as the hole is fluted any of u guys seen this before.
  7. Hello guys I have a 2006 VW Fox 1.4 petrol I have been looking at changing the thermostat as I have a over heating problem I bought a new thermostat and housing looks nothing like what I can see.When I am looking at the area I thought it was there is 2 housing one has a pin coming out of the top and both housing seem to be linked I really do need advise
  8. Thanks for the info guys easiest and cheapest option first thermostat I think
  9. Hello guys I am newbie I am after some advice my fox 1.4 is pressurising and throwing water out you can smell.it runs quite hot . I have checked no white smoke no water in oil do they have any common faults regarding this topic
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