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  1. Don't wanna waste money on high insurance that's all and I drove fast cars before anyhow, I asked what's will happen anyway what I should do, and it's not like I'll do conversion and keep standard breaks, they will be upgraded to bigger ones besides right at this moment Im thinking it will be project car for santa pod it's too much hassle after all with insurance and I don't fancy going jail, thanks for the help.
  2. I see, so mainly when people are injured, but what if they hit me?
  3. Right so I'm planning to do a Aug 1.8t conversions on my lupo around next year, and I will not be reporting it to my insurers as my insurance will go up by a lot so car will still be registered as 1.4. So my question is, if someone happens to crash into me will police or insurance really even bother looking what engine I have? And what are consequences etc. I have driver a Corsa B 1994 with vauxhal cavilier conversion before and that was registered as 1.4, I didn't have a problem, but its good to know more info before I do it. Is there anyone driving it as 1.4 with 1.8t?
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