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  1. Hi Mk2 and many thanks for the info and welcome!☺️. So is there a site or link you can send that shows the full BOM and parts drawing of the gearbox please? And can i drop the sump cover 18 and get shot of all the oil? Also is there a diagram of the diff so i can see the cover and magnet - guess i'll need to get new gaskets for both covers before i do the oil changes? Best regards Goneloopo
  2. Hi to all! I'm a newbie on VW's so bear with me. Is there info on how to change the oil on a Lupo 1.4 16V Automatic Gearbox? I've seen a german site where they have a polo with the same looking GB. They remove the sump plug the oil level tube and rain out all the oil. Then put back the level tube and screw in a sump plug adaptor and a clear hose connected to a new bottle of oil and fill the GB from above the GB height eg let gravity/oil head pressure do the work. So when all the oils in the GB let the bottle stand on the ground and run the motor to get to 48 C or so and the excess oil expands in the GB and runs out into the bottle. Then when its stopped dribbling remove the hose adaptor and fit the sump plug. Seams easier than doing the 16 Hyd tappets last weekend lol. But isn't there an oil filter or oil strainer to change as well??
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