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  1. Some more pics. Its got an entertainingly raw vibe inside. (please excuse the sawdust)
  2. The dent was actually my doing... from a wooden post trying to manoeuvre out of a car park. It could probably be pushed back into shape fairly easily as you can access the inside of the panel.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I have been away for a couple of days, hence the slow reply. I will take some photos of the car in the next day or so and have a think about what to do.
  4. Dorking is literally down the road (i'm based in Newdigate) I am still trying to figure out a valuation... Mint versions hold a lot of value so its tricky to calculate a price in its current condition. Perhaps I will do a little more research but feel free to take a punt and make an offer. Its such a great drive that i'm really torn as to whether to fix or sell. Or fix then sell
  5. To define the "as is"... It was my daily commute for a year and a half. The previous owner had turned it into a track car so the interior is pretty stripped out/lightweight. It still has all the dials/controls etc and everything works other than the AC but most of the buttons are free hanging. It has lovely Oz racing wheels, coil-overs and drives superbly. The bad parts... Obviously the rear beam as shown. The airbag light is on (due to the racing steering wheel) The front passenger wheel went over a speed bump a couple of days before the rear beam snapped so there
  6. My lupo GTI rear beam has come apart (see pic) and I am wondering whether to fix it or to sell it. I cannot find a replacement beam online and am unsure what my options are. Incidentally, would anybody potentially be interested in buying it "as is"? I am based in Surrey The Lupo has been converted into a track car with racing steering wheel / bucket front seats / no rear seats etc. It has 150k on the clock. I have another car and motorbike so its not crazy urgent but seems a bit wrong to leave it in the driveway indefinitely.
  7. Hi My Lupo GTI rear beam has rusted through. I have not found any replacements online and wanted to ask where I might get one or if they are compatible with other more common cars? (standard lupo / polo etc) Cheers
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