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  1. Thank you! I'll take it to the garage and see what they can do with the information yourself and LindyLou kindly provided! As for removing each sensor and trial running it - i don't have the skill or knowledge for that unfortunately! And even still, the car doesn't misbehave in a regular pattern - some days he is fine, others he kicks up a storm until he settles down again shortly after. I'm definitely thinking coolant sensor now you and LindyLou mention it! For pic, see above! I'll take more later!
  2. Firstly thank you all for the suggestions and information! I didn't even consider a sensor as being a probable cause! Thinking about it - my temperature gauge doesn't move up from the lowest temp - i've never thought about this before until you mentioned it. The revs do happen more often when the weather is warm, or if i have recently turned the engine back on after a short break. Sounds like this could be the issue. Would that be something to cause the engine light to crop up? The coolant leak is a given and that will have to be narrowed down somewhere. I checked the oil in the engine, and its at a good level, and on the lid is normal oil residue - no 'mayo'. I was concerned about that after reading a few other threads... As for pics, stand by. I'll take a few more tonight. He is so cute and i love him.
  3. Hi all, Bought my car beginning of this year, It's a 1997 1.0 VW lupo. It's done approximately 32,000 miles and pretty much brand new internally and externally for its age So, 2 months ago i stalled it at lights, upon getting the engine back on the revs were creeping up really high on their own without pushing the gas pedal. It stayed this way through gear changes, to the point where i had to pull over and turn the engine off for a short while. Put it back on and the same thing occured while stationary, until it settled down and went normal - but the engine light came on! I got a local mechanic to look at it, he did the super duper machine analyser thing (sorry i'm absolutely useless at this stuff) and he said there's nothing wrong with it mechanically - him, and my parents basically were looking at me like im stupid. He reset the light on the dash. It was driving normally for a while - then the engine light came on the dash again. Now, recently its started the process again - only more frequently now. Sometimes even at the first ignition of the day. Its like the car has an attitude and starts revving up 2000-3000 before settling normally. Or, if its being extra, it will not start at all, and i have to push the gas pedal and maintain revs over 1000 until it settles normally. One thing i've noticed too, the coolant level is falling rapidly - the light came on, i filled it with the matching colour (pink) up to the max level - one month later it is below the minimum level. Oh and i can smell something when i put on my A/C So to summarise: Occasional ignition failure - have to use gas to get it going rapid coolant leak - maximum to below minimum in a month high revs without pushing pedal - sometimes random, but mostly at ignition. Smelly A/C - cant describe the smell - can only liken it to a weakened petrol smell? any ideas will be great, because im not taking it to a mechanic again to be told there's nothing wrong with it again!! Louise.
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