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  1. graaaaaaantos

    Lupo GTI

    It looks good till you get close up and see the little bits of rust and the usual stone chips, not even sure I'll get it notched only plan on having it till like December when my insurance drops more
  2. graaaaaaantos

    Lupo GTI

    I'll post some photos later on! I'll take some when I'm done with work
  3. graaaaaaantos

    Lupo GTI

    Yeah never realised my spelling mistake till after I posted haha, not got a notch just now but should be getting done by a mate soon hopefully
  4. graaaaaaantos

    Lupo GTI

    Been lurking about on the forums for a couple months haha though it was time i made and account and showed my lupo! both cars i have owned now have been lupo's. i had a 1.0 as my first car and then at the end of last year treated myself to a GTI! i bought the GTI without an MOT in September last year all that was needed to get it on the road was new breaks all round, break lines and a rear spring. managed to get it on the road for my birthday in December! since then since then Ive done a few things to it, so far it has a Custom Cat-back exhaust, Airlift performance 3P with intermotiv rear bags and i've also just bought some generic 3sdm 0.05! Grant

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