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  1. Yes that's what I thought initially because of the part that's missing (had a look for one but can't seem to find one anywhere), but saying that after taking off the EGR valve (think it was stuck closed) giving it a good clean and scraping out and getting the valve to open again, then doing a re-set on the fault light, touch wood the engine light has stayed off for the past 5 days, so fingers crossed its sorted, cheers for your help folks LL 🙏
  2. One more question, the egr valve has a small metal tube coming out of it which I think is something to do with the vacuum, the 1.4 polo we have has the same egr valve on it as my lupo, on the tube is like some kind of small breather or plug, mine is missing of the lupo does it matter its not there?
  3. As haynes don't do a lupo manual I've just ordered a polo one as the mrs has the polo, should come in handy for mine too hopefully.
  4. Thanks for the picture Sausage, will take a look over the weekend and give it a good clean 😉
  5. Dumb question I know Sausage but where would I find the EGR valve?
  6. OMG I had to ask didn't so many options too, with the links below I notice the exhaust my be the cause too, the exhaust is a bit shagged, can't here it blowing but is suffering from the old tin worm so I need to replace that at some stage, so might be one option to test out, but can't hear any whistling that would lead to an air leak. As above the exhaust needs doing, from fanimold to the back of the car, so may do that sooner rather than later and see if that helps
  7. Hiya folks Shortly after I bought (private) my 02 plated 1.4 Lupo the engine check light came on, I planned on doing a service anyway, plugs, oil, filter and air filter which was carried out, I also purchased a fault code reader to obviously read and clear fault codes. I read the codes before I cleared them but now the lights back on, the codes are as follows........... P1151 long term fuel trim additive air bank 1:range 1: system to lean P0402 EGR system:excessive flow I have now idea where to start looking or changing (I'm used to carbs, points and rotor arm ignition not these electronic things) So any pointers as to where to start looking or bits to change, the car still runs perfectly well..............................at the moment 😁 Thanks LL 😛
  8. Definitely needed doing sooner rather than later, the sleeve wasn't to bad, a little warn but perfectly serviceable, TBH the clutch kit from euro car parts was only £75 quid which I didn't think was to bad, had a release bearing, pressure plate and friction plate in the kit 😎
  9. Here's what I found.....................
  10. Ok think I found the issue looking through the forum, turns out it sealed with sealant and not a gasket and its a pig to do as the cams are in the casing so the cam belt has to come off, cam belt could do with changing anyway so there's the next wee jobbie 🙄
  11. Ok the lovely people, 02 plated 1.4cc 16v Lupo, it would appear I have oil leaking into the spark plug holes from presumably the cam/rocker gasket, but looking at new gaskets they only go around the outside of the cover. So question time, what is there in place to stop the leak? Rubber o rings or something like that? Cheers folks
  12. Hmmmm I got the run around so I can get another landrover disco to do exactly that to it 😂 I'll say, mind I'm used to working on the 60's mini's so get on well with no space 🤩 The symtoms............the pedal felt kind of mushy with no positive feeling there, and the biting point kept changing a little, will post some pictures of the broken bits later 😎 I've seen another one around here, saw it twice in the space of 30 minutes with a young lass driving it, even had a cheeky smile of her haha, Its not a bad little bus to be fair, bit of rust around some of the arches but nothing major 😉
  13. Hiya folks I'm a new Lupo owner, oldish and bald, from Market Drayton in Shropshire, currently doing a clutch replacement (what a pig of a job)(plates not to bad but pressure plate worn due to retaining spring on release bearing broken) Great little quirky cars though, I have a 02 plated 1.4 16v in silver which has a few issues but will sort those as and when need be, just gave is a service, plugs, filter, oil and filter, still need to do the cam belt 🙄 though, basically got it as a run around to and from work but love it, will improve it over time, needs a nice set of alloys and may be some coil overs to improve what seams to be good handling as standard, oh and a better stereo lol Look forward to joining in the chit chat on here 😎
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