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  1. WayneUK

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    Thanks. I’m just keeping an eye out - if nothing good comes up then I’ll maybe end up elsewhere or keep my current car which is great, just a little under used for relatively high fixed costs (tax/servicing) My mileage is really low (1.2k/yr last year between MOTs) so thought it was a good time for a quirky city car as rarely stretch the legs of the car these days with kids, other commitments and no real commute to speak of. This time of year is usually good for selling performance cars so thought it might be a good time to change. I’ll keep an eye out. It’s a shame there isn’t
  2. WayneUK

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    Cool thanks, I hadn’t thought of Facebook. Where about is it for sale? I’ve got the Facebook app but when I go to the club Lupo page it just has posts by “Club Lupo” with no other member posts? Not sure if it’s in another menu somewhere. Not a heavy FB user!
  3. WayneUK

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    Hi all, new member but long time lurker. Can’t seem to reset my password on my old account. I’m keeping an eye on the classifieds for a GTi potentially, trying to avoid one that has had a hard life if possible. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice at any one time though so might be watching for a while and trying to work out prices! Preference would be blue or anthracite 6 speed, but would consider other colours if the car is otherwise in good shape. Pretty relaxed on most options. Any idea what sort of price these rarer colours go for? Any options I should consider more seriousl
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