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  1. Ok, thank you very much for your help.
  2. I have just run out to it to see if there is any suction on the oil filler cap. As soon as I took the cap off it started to miss fire and when I put it back on it would recover. So I'm assuming it is the N80 valve then.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I will try that tomorrow. It's ok I won't be using it again.
  4. Hi all, I'm completely new to this so I apologise if I have posted in the wrong place. I have a 2004 1.4s (BBY) Open air with a fault. The EML light is constantly on, however if I lift of the throttle aggressively then the EPC lights comes on, then it could be 10-15 miles or its usually straight away that I get constant missfires on all 4 cylinders. I have to pull over turn it off then back on again and its fine. I have plugged a solus into it a few times and I have got various codes. P1553, P0106, P1504 - intermittent I have replaced the map sensor and nothing has changed. I have also cleaned both the throttle body and egr and still no better. I have also tried to use easy start and sprayed on vacuum hoses to see if there is any air leaks and still nothing. If anyone has had this fault or could point me in another direction it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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