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  1. That is absolute gold. What an idea!
  2. Alright spot on, cheers for the info
  3. Update: Thanks to this great forum I've got a lupo that steers in a straight line and does not follow bumps potholes and road camber. Wheel alignment was off after all, sorted now and she drives like a new car. Just out of curiosity though, what pressures are people running in their banded steels? (If anyone's running them?) Standard pressure or higher? Tyres aren't stretched
  4. I've swapped them back to a more standard side alloy. Didn't change anything. Rich, would say mine feels loose. Halfway through a corner the steering wheel needs to be adjusted to actually go round a left hand bend and not into the middle of the road.
  5. Doing top mounts next. Springs are good and shocks aren't leaking. It is lowered and does have banded steels on but this is only very recently this problem has started to show. What exactly do you mean by feel it throught the wheel?
  6. Matching new tyres. The knock sounds like it's coming from the front
  7. Strut top bearings was next on the list to replace. A bit more info though, there does not seem to be play in any component. Steering wheel is secure as I've recently replaced the ignition barrel due to a snapped key
  8. Hi all. Tried a forum Search, but nothing with symptoms that sound like mine The lupo has suddenly developed some strange steering issues. It has a mind of its own when going round corners a bit faster than usual and wanders on surfaces that aren't the best. I do have a knock over severe road surfaces. Parts that I have replaced trying to solve this issue: Both bottom arms, both track rod ends, both drop links, both anti roll bar bushes. Now when I say the steering has a mind of its own, it's very vague in corners to the point where I have to steer more to correct the car. I've tried to explain as much as I can, if I've missed any important info just ask away. Hopefully someone has had a similar experience and how to cure it.
  9. Hopefully I'll be running mine for years. I love it to bits. Still don't know what I have that would be any use. Can't do that lol. Going to try that bearing fix with how rare these are.
  10. I'm not going to bin the old box. It was hard enough sourcing that one. Probably is the ffv one, just the breakers don't know what's going on. Interestingly, rang veedubs up in Gateshead and they had never heard of a 1.7. Something interesting?
  11. I'll definitely have a look into that as a bit extra power going up hills wouldn't go a miss. Gearbox is in and doing 80 @ 3000rpm! 😀 Glad it was the right box. Possibly like. How much? I like the rat/patina look. Apologies for ruining the colour.
  12. Ok magic, I'll look into that MK2. I'm not looking to sell it on, I love it to bits. I just want to concentrate on getting it sorted, then when I get bored of the SDI speed I might go down the conversion route when funds allow... But that's a ways away. Thanks for the reference on the RPM. I'll see what it sits at tomorrow once it's fitted
  13. She gets waxed everyone she's washed. Anyone recommend any particular type of box oil. I seem to remember seeing a post somewhere about a different grade to the standard stuff, but I can find the thread now. Many thanks in advance
  14. The guy who had it before me has already attacked the back with a sander, so I thought might as well carry on. Yeah there's a few gti's round here and a few chavvy looking ones as well. I'll definitely have a look into that bearing and I'll get some more pics up :]
  15. The strange thing about it is it wines from 40-55 ish. It's definitely transmission based as when you press the clutch in it disappears. It also whines when letting off the accelerator in 1st. Shame about that box as I rang the seller (breakers in Ipswich) and enquired as to whether it was the one I needed. I'll have a look into that seal and bearing kit as I'd rather not be reving the tits off it. Thanks for the kind words on the colour but it won't be like that for long. Going down the patina/rat route
  16. Hi Y2ACP, One of the front, all I got at the moment
  17. Hi Y2ACP, I'll upload some pics tomorrow when it's light. She's low, got retrofit lenses with HID's custom soundsystem. Looking to do much more when funds allow.
  18. Hi MK2, Yeah, I've already ordered a gearbox. It should be here tomorrow. It's cost about the same as the repair. Might strip the old box down and try your fix and keep it just in case. The box I've got on the way is ETF
  19. Hi there, New here so I thought I'd introduce myself. 1.7 SDI owner with a few mods. Love my lowpo, but it's developed some gearbox wine, so new box this week. Glad to have joined and look forward to some good banter. Dean
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