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  1. thanks for the input guys but really wasint wanting to just fire them in with anything up to 1.5mm out possibly, a was thinking 0.9mm but again thats just a guess from what i read on the internet which is basically zero
  2. Hi i know this is a really old post BUT CANT FIND ANYTHING ANYWHERE ON PLUG GAP. 2003 VW Lupo 1.0L petrol engine code AUC. just need to know gap as dont trust them all being pre gapped, have asked everywhere with nothing.
  3. JOEY VW get a grip man, its not my car its my daughters very first car and just trying to find stuff out for her is all, i never bought the car or have seen a handbook or a v5 etc all i know is its a 1.0L hence on here asking questions!! But yes theres always one who gives no info and just talks down to folk and takes the piss etc, making themselves look like a proper dick, dont worry i understand what happened to you as a child and your need to act like that, its fine i deal with people like you regularly. in the future if your not going to be any help please just dont post on any of my threads that would be best.
  4. 504 and 507 go for those i think
  5. just has manaul winders and what do you mean side strips?
  6. thanks Tim spot on as always bought from you for donkeys years through other clubs,. Howevet no service history with the car so no idea what its had or NOT had just want to make sure its all done now we have it, so in that case not aure what the best Vw Spec would be to follow??? seems 5w-30 would be best but what VW NUMBERS would people say?
  7. i come from a Subatu back ground and we have import car parta to get genuine parts at a great price, just wondered if theres a good or best place for parts for these as opposed to using a dealers or somewhere extorniate!! am handy with a spanner and do all work myself like engine work and servicing etc. any help appreciated Grant
  8. Hi with knowing Zero about these cars need to find out everything from scratch hence on here. anyway when put key in drivrrs door it only unlocks that door and not the other side? what we have been doing is pressing the door lock knob down when passenger door open then closing and that locks door, but when you get in have to lean ovet abf manually open passenget door using the lock handle!!! surely there must be a way of sorying this so central locking works? surely a 2003 car has it?
  9. does anyone know what the correct NGK version of spark plugs etc? as have come across about 6 different models that say are right? also what the correct gaps would be to gap even though they say pre gapped best to just check i always think. As planning on giving it a good service and going over as got little paper wotk with it. all anf any help appreciated
  10. Hi folks is there pdf or copy of the owners hand book at ll on here for the 2003 VW Lupo 1.0L petrol engine code AUC never got one when boughy a d ws to hve a look at loads of things really from oil to torque settings and so on? i believe the best is prob a Vw spec 504/507 5w-30 semi or fully synthetic but juat wantes to check things
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