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  1. some pictures of the rust so what would be the general opinion of what they are calling suspension arms corroded and mot failure?
  2. pictures to big to upload should i do them from photobucket
  3. thanks guys as i said i thought must have been either that frame or the rear suspension struts, seen as theres nothing else really there, took some pictures yesterday
  4. So Daughters 2003 VW Lupo 10L failed mot on this just, and sure they only have wishbones/ suspension arma on the front so do they mean control arms or what?
  5. thanks for the input guys but really wasint wanting to just fire them in with anything up to 1.5mm out possibly, a was thinking 0.9mm but again thats just a guess from what i read on the internet which is basically zero
  6. Hi i know this is a really old post BUT CANT FIND ANYTHING ANYWHERE ON PLUG GAP. 2003 VW Lupo 1.0L petrol engine code AUC. just need to know gap as dont trust them all being pre gapped, have asked everywhere with nothing.
  7. JOEY VW get a grip man, its not my car its my daughters very first car and just trying to find stuff out for her is all, i never bought the car or have seen a handbook or a v5 etc all i know is its a 1.0L hence on here asking questions!! But yes theres always one who gives no info and just talks down to folk and takes the piss etc, making themselves look like a proper dick, dont worry i understand what happened to you as a child and your need to act like that, its fine i deal with people like you regularly. in the future if your not going to be any help please just dont post on any of my threads that would be best.
  8. just has manaul winders and what do you mean side strips?
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