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  1. Hey mk2 n Rich, unfortunately no they didn't say which wire it was. I need to call in and see them about doing a cambelt change on our Leon soon so I will ask and let you know 🙂
  2. Hi Everyone! Firstly apologies for not posting any updates on my Lupo problem, been a bit hectic trying to sort out other projects! The good news is though that my trusty little Lupo is back up and running again! I ended up pushing it to a garage (conveniently) just round the corner from me, I went to replace the Crank Sensor saw where it was and how much stuff needed to be removed to get to it and thought nah time to let a professional have a look at it. I didn't want to strip all the bits off replace the sensor and then find out it was something else causing the issue - and I'm glad I decided not to do it. Initially the garage diagnosed the fuel pump being faulty but after a few other tests they ended up calling in an auto electrician who traced the fault to a broken wire somewhere in loom! Sixty quid later and she's back on the road A big thanks to all who have offered help and advice, really appreciate it. Cheers, Charlie.
  3. Ok, just to update everyone who's been kind enough to offer help. I've tried using easy start (well an equivalent) and it almost started as I only had a small amount so I now know it's a fuel problem, seems like the injectors aren't firing. There is def fuel in it (almost 1/2 a tank) and when I started to remove a fuel line fuel squirted out so it looks like there is pressure there. I've replaced the fuel filter as I had a spare one so I thought I'd eliminate that area. Have tried starting it with jump leads but still nothing, just keeps turning over. It's been suggested that the Crank Sensor could be the problem, anyone else had experience of this?? Looking at it, I'm going to have to remove a lot of stuff to get to it so before I do attempt it I want to make sure that this could be the issue? Any advice guys??
  4. Hi Everyone and happy New Year or at least it would be if I could get my damned Lupo started!! Engine turns over, battery is fully charged, I'm getting a spark, all fuses have been taken out and all ok, all connections under the bonnet that I can see have been cleaned, I was advised the fuel pump relay (410) might be at fault which I have now replaced, still no joy. As a precaution I replaced the Cam Sensor as that was the first error code I got and it was only £20 so I thought I'd give it a go - still not starting. I have tested the fuel pump by putting probes on the two outside connectors to check the resistance and it measured 1.5ish Ohms which (so I'm led to believe is fine) I also connected the pump directly to an old car battery and I could hear it whirring away quite happily. I have also connected my voltmeter to the fuel pump lead and tested that while cranking the engine but was only getting 9.5ish volts, should be at least 12v!! What could be causing the drop in volts going to the fuel pump? Also, sometimes after cranking the engine I can hear a beep coming from under the dash, what could that be? It doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally!! Please, please, pleeeeeeeease can anyone help??? Beginning to lose the will to live with it now 😩
  5. Cheers, will have another play tomorrow when I'm feeling a bit more human 🙂
  6. Cheers, I'll check that tomorrow. Not had chance to have another look at it, something to do with New Years, alcohol and hangovers 🙂
  7. Cheers for the reply, are these located behind the fuses and is there anyway of testing?
  8. Hi and thanks for the reply, I had checked all fuses but all ok (sorry forgot to mention that) but I'll check the connectors and wiring to see if there are any issues there 🙂
  9. Hi, My trusty little Lupo has decided it doesn't want to start after being parked up for a few days over Christmas, must have had too much Turkey or something :-) Prior to parking up, everything seemed to be fine with no known issues or faults. The engine turns over ok, battery is fully charged and it looks like I'm getting a spark at number 1 cylinder at least. I've checked and cleaned all the electrical connectors I can get to under the bonnet and all seem ok, even given them all a squirt of WD40. It doesn't sound like the fuel pump is kicking in when I turn the ignition on, but then again I don't recall ever hearing it before so not sure if I'm trying to hear something that wasn't there in the first place! I've plugged my OBD Reader in and at first it came back with P0321 - Ignition/Dist Engine Speed Input CKT Range/Performance, which when I googled it suggested an issue with the Crankshaft Sensor which I have subsequently removed, cleaned and then erased the code. Tried starting and still nothing, did a re-scan to see if the same code had come back and now have 9 (NINE!!) new fault codes (Including 4 Pending - whatever that means??) none of which were the original code! The codes now are as follows: P0201 - Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 1 P0203 - Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 3 P0204 - Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 4 P0202 - Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 2 P0403 - EGR Flow Circuit Malfunction P0408 Pending - EGR Flow Sensor B Circuit High Input P0121 Pending - TPS/Pedal Position Sensor A CKT Range/Performance P0123 Pending - TPS/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit High Input P0222 Pending - TPS/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch B Circuit Low Input The car has covered just over 124,000 miles and up until recently has never let me down or caused any problems in the 4 years I've owned it - other than general wear and tear items. A couple of months ago however just before MOT time the check engine light came on and the fault was traced to the EGR valve which after an unsuccessful attempt to simply clean, it was replaced with a new unit and all was ok again. Any help or advice that any of you guys can offer so that I can get this cracking little car back up and running would be much appreciated :-)
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