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  1. They can’t find anything wrong besides the spark plugs weren’t in great condition, I can’t remember the word he used to discribe them!! No faults coming up when plugged in. They have put new plugs in and see how she goes. Doesn’t feel right to me but that might be paranoia. Fingers crossed! Mk2 I think I’ve reached the age that I like to just plod along on the motor way, but you can never beat a good thrashing along an open country road!!
  2. Thanks for the reply’s guys, it’s in the garage hopefully will have some news tomorrow! I’ve in Conwy county north wales. What ever the problem is I can’t complain ... 14 1/2 years and nearly 100,000 miles of ownership and this is my first issue!!
  3. No probs Rich ... you’ve not got my first one that was DE51 if I remember correctly
  4. Thank you for your reply, hopefully I can get it to the garage today and they can have a look, I’m was thinking electrical / ignition too but I know nothing hence asking on here! This is the first fault, beside the window mechanism breaking once when I slammed the door in temper. And that’s part of the reason I’ve had it so long, it’s been so reliable and I love that no one around here has the same car! I had a silver one before buying this one .... I preferred the colour blue! As for pics I’ll post some when I’ve got her back, is it bad I don’t think I’ve any on my phone! she still a standard raven blue only thing different from the day I bought is a private plate and a lot of scratches and wear and tear 😂 My plan for next year was a respray as it was keyed years ago and I’ve just never sorted it, the seats - especially the drivers side need a retrim, and maybe new wheels and head unit. I’ll be sure to come here for advice on all that .... hopefully she’s got enough years left in her justify the costs! Thanks
  5. First up apologies for signing up again and talking when I need help. I was a member years ago but no idea of my log in details. And I hope this is in the right forum section to post this! basically my Lupo gti cut out twice a couple of months ago 2 weeks apart whilst queueing for fuel, she was low but not empty. Both occasions started again after a couple of minutes. Then a warning light came on and she’s been to the garage and it was something to do with a blower something or other, I don’t listen!! I had her from new and have never had a single problem, but ive felt she’s not been running right the last few weeks, and tonight she’s cut out again. The revs drop off and she dies. Restarted and the same happened. Smells of petrol but that might be me pumping the accelerater to try get her going. And is miss firing. No joy so parked her up and left her. Might just be a coincidence but all three times it’s been raining! I use a good garage but this is the only Gti they work on so was hoping to see if anyone as any idea what’s wrong. Thank you in advance and again apologies for only posting when I need help!
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