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  1. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    Cheers pal! Should be back to being healthy soon ahah
  2. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    badges are coming back 100000% im not a fan of the Bra at all however keeping it until I get a new grill. if you know anyone selling Cambridge lights pretty cheap please do let me know.
  3. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    runs super super rich, fuel economy is bloody awful. it's got an intake that has been bodged in by the previous owner just loads of little things that eventually mount up and you end up not knowing where to start. all in good time. should be on the road before the end of the year. thanks for helping me though.
  4. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    It could run better ahah! But yeah
  5. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    These are the only ones I have at the moment. I will take some more when I get chance
  6. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    I thought it might be a press car! Not bad for my first car haha! Side note, do you know what rear lights these are because they look far better/ more stock than what’s currently on the car thanks
  7. T65 DBW

    Help Me!

    Hi Guys, im new to the Lupo game, I have got a 1.4 16V 1999 Fantasia green 75bhp Lupo. I love it dearly however it is starting to make my blood boil.. it leaking oil from this pipe I believe however I’m not 100% sure, I want to replace this to start with as it’s the only place I can see drips coming from however due to my lack of knowledge I’m unsure what this is called 😩 does anyone have any idea what’s it’s called and where I can get one from? Thanks in advance

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