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  1. Dell

    Lupo 1.4 SE

    It’s a temporary loss of pride and joy for me, had to put him first now he’s passed his test, I’ve funded it on the understanding I get to use it on the rare occasions I need a car when I can’t use my wife’s. I think I’ll be getting a Lupo GTI tho, so much more fun around town in a little car
  2. Dell

    Lupo 1.4 SE

    Hi all, I have just given up my Audi S4 to buy and insure a 52 plate 1.4 Lupo for my son who has just passed his driving test. I’ve borrowed it a few times and must admit it’s alot more enjoyable than I expected. My first job is to find an exhaust clamp for it, the black ones in roughly the middle as this has corroded and the clamp is loose making the exhaust rattle on tick over. Apart from that the local VW dealer gave it a full thumbs up all round. Anyway, looking forward to getting advice/tips along the way to help my son enjoy his first car as much as possible. Thanks all, Dell

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