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  1. I was abit stupid , I changed the gearbox oil a few weeks before. It was a pain in the ass to remove the seal today. But need to refill 5dl. it should be Vags 75W90 GL-4+ Can I use API GL-5 LS ? I dont wanna spend that much at Vag again.
  2. Its already taken apart. I mean the gearbox seal
  3. I will check it later. By the way the seal that sits on gear selector shaft can I change it without oil draining?
  4. I actually bought a license for vagcom hoping it would be silent after a basic setting. But its the same noises. Didnt found any play in the robot.
  5. its not really the clutch I suppose. Only when it does gear shifts. And its slightly louder than the engine.
  6. Hi I wanna replace this seal but cant find it anywhere. You guys know some replacement?
  7. Hello I have nothing to compare with so im asking you guys. Even if I made a basic setting i hear small cluck noise when it change gears. Do you also have it likke this or should it be silent?
  8. the cv joint is totally stuck inside the bearing by rust. cant get it out
  9. Just a moment, I did the turning test again in high speeds, Could notice this time that when going left there was a small inpact on the noise. Some of it kinda dissapered but far from gone.
  10. the sound gets louder by climbing speed. cant really notice any difference when turning fast or anything. it does sound exactly same in neutral coasting. I recently bought the car but went on a long trip after oilchange. it hasnt gone worse. I had the car lifted and simulated high speeds carefully. its not the tyres then. Has to be gearbox or bearings.. but There was no play on the wheels that I could feel. maybe a minimum small amount of noise from the right bearing . dunno really. Im worried if its the gearbox.
  11. Hello My car sounds like an old airplane when driving , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yA5csizEKQ Its not the engine itself, and I got new tires so not that either.. I suspect either the gearbox or wheel bearings even thought they seems tight. Do any of you guys recon this ugly noises or what can it be?
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