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  1. harley17

    Lupo 1.7 sdi winter daily

    So today I started on the interior..
  2. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Update : found the handbook with service history! hasn’t been serviced since 2014 so definitely getting that done this week!
  3. harley17

    Lupo 1.7 sdi winter daily

    Under the bonnet was filthy, so tackled that first and what a difference already!
  4. harley17

    Lupo 1.7 sdi winter daily

    Hi everyone, first time owning a lupo, it’s a 1.7 sdi in soft blue with 73k millage. It’s going to be used as a daily up and down the motorway everyday, I bought it for £720, it doesn’t have any service History and the paintwork has seen better times. First job was to get the wheels tracked, to find out it has 2 buckled wheels.. so time to get it serviced and get the cambelt and waterpump changed.
  5. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    First job, tackle under the bonnet as it was filthy, sorting the paintwork today as well as it’s a mess. Just done the tracking to find out it has 2 buckled wheels, and with it having no service history It’s just had a full service with cambelt and waterpump done.
  6. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    I paid £720, wouldn’t say it’s in great nick, paintwork needs some attention and it has no service history, yeah I will do thank you
  7. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Ah I didn’t realise the mudflaps were rare! Can’t wait to give it a good clean as I don’t think it’s been cleaned for years
  8. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Hi, it’s £30 for the year
  9. harley17

    hello! 1.7 sdi

    Hi, Just picked up this 1.7 sdi with 73k on the clock, needs tidying up but love it so far

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