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  1. Can anyone help me find a replacement buffer/stopper for my Arosa?The one on the other side has snapped and makes the boot rattle.
  2. Tomsw

    1.0 arosa

    Need to ring up my insurance company first to see how much it will all be. But that's the plan.
  3. Scratch that. Just found the leak, cheers Rich
  4. Took the plastic off, can't find the leak for the life of me, should the washer hose be under the carpet?
  5. When using the rear washer The car leaks washer fluid all over the floor under the passenger side door. The water is coming out of two small holes underneath the car, how do i fix this?
  6. Tomsw

    1.0 arosa

    Cheers for the advice, wasn't planning on going over the top on the mods cause of insurance. I only plan on keeping the car for a couple of years anyway, happy with her at the moment though.
  7. Tomsw

    1.0 arosa

    My first car, 1.0 arosa with 34000 miles on the clock. Standard at the moment but planning on changing that.
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