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  1. Rubbadub

    Rear seats

    I'm after some 3 seater rear seats Near Doncaster Cheers
  2. Does anyone know if any other rear seats fit in the lupo, I don't mind a bit of manufacturing of mounts etc, Otherwise does anyone have a lupo 3 seater they want to sell or swap? Cheers Dan
  3. I'm in the middle of a 1.8t conversion and my rack an pipework are a little worse for wear, can I fit the rack from a beetle? I've heard of people using s3 rack but can't find any details, rather not buy another I'd I can use what I've got Cheers
  4. Cheers for the reply I've got it running in the beetle, ready to remove any time now, I'm assuming with immobiliser removed I could wire up the ecu to engine then add power and grounds where necessary for it to run? It's all the extra wires for sensors etc I can't find diagrams of, I'm goner have to buy a copy of elsawin or autodata I think as the awu doesn't seem to show any info for Regards Dan
  5. Can any body help me out please, I'm doing an engine swap (1.8t beetle engine AWU code with me7.5 ecu) Into a 1.0 lupo (with 7.5.10 ecu) Does any body know where I can get a full wiring diagram for both cars/ecu? I've got the power, ground, k line etc. And there all the same but I need to work out how many of the other wires need swapping. If anyone could help me to find detailed diagrams or even shed a little light I would be really grateful Regards Dan
  6. Rubbadub


    Hello guys and girls I've used the site quite a lot over the years for researching, but now I've finally got a lupo and a donor 1.8t beetle for a project I've wanted to do for a long time, I've read loads of articles and I think I'm fairly confident on the mechanical side. The only thing I haven't got my head round is the wiring, it might be simple once I get down to it but I wondered where the best place to get the specific wiring diagrams from? I've found a few for various 1.8t but non specifically for the beetle (2002 AWU engine code) If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be brilliant, also any tips would be great Regards Dan
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