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  1. I have a mechanic doing everything, thats why I need some help.. what software can i use and What gear box and so on?
  2. Well in sweden it count as Manuel i dont know why. I dont want to fix it, you guys dont know any automatic gearbox fit ?
  3. Thank you! 5 th gear dosent work. but i want it to be fully automatic couse here in sweden they count it as Manuel shift and this car is perfect for my mother and i love lupo but she can only drive automatic cars couse she only has it on her drivings license.
  4. Hi boys and girls. New here ? I have a lupo tdi 1.2L 3Lwith a bad gearbox i got in for free. Im thinking of changing gearbox but to a ”fully automatic” gearbox. Anyone here knows if there is some gearbox that is bolt on to this one? Thx for all answers ??
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